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Scope of working in Dubai

                       As we all know very well that Dubai and other Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi arabia, Qatar, Kuwait etc , they are all popular countries and many people of pakistan goes there for their career and good earning. According to a record, there has been approximately 150 % increase in number of pakistanis going to Dubai for jobs in 2022 compared to 2021. Working in Dubai and other Gulf countries can make your career. Skillfull people having higher qualification are making their career outside Pakistan. Not only educated but uneducated as well are making their living in dubai, saudi arabia, qatar etc. If you are skillful and have good qualification and then you get a good job in one of these countries then you will not just make your career but you will also be able to make a big place in your field in Pakistan also because Pakistan highly appreciates and gives more importance to those candidates having experience of working abroad in any field.
●We are already aware of current situation in Pakistan. Both inflation and unemployment rates are higher now-a-days. As there are very less job opportunities, so many people are suffering because of it. Their life has become more difficult especially the middle and lower classes are suffering today. But they can make their life better by doing work in any popular and developed country i.e. UAE
●Dubai and other countries are providing many jobs and contract-based work and every work has attractive salary package. So we all have these golden chances to make our career or earn a good amount for ourselves or families.

Dubai and other gulf countries always provide a lot of jobs for the people of pakistan. Still, these countries are giving different kinds of jobs with attractive salary packages. Some examples are given below:

Jobs of motor bike rider and delivery men  in Saudi Arabia
(Salary range in rupees : Rs 107000 to 109000)

Jobs of bus drivers in Saudi Arabia:
Salary in rupees. 107000 to 109000Rs
(1400 rayal)

Steel fixer and shuttering carpenters jobs In UAE
(Salary range : 1100 to 1400 AED)

 ●Lathe Machine Operator & Heavy Vehicle Mechanic Jobs in saudi arabia:

 (Salary range : 210000 to 214000Rs)
Jobs of Electrical Helper & Block Mason:
 (Salary :175000 Rs.)

 ●Photocopier Technician & Fire Fighting Technician jobs in Saudi arabia :
 (Salary range:1800-2100 rayal)
( 390000 Rs.)

 ●Loading Area Controller & Liaison Coordinator Jobs in Qatar
 (Salary range: 289000 to 299000Rs.)

And many hundreds of jobs.

These are the golden chances for those people who are anxious because of unemployment although employed people of pakistan can also make more money by getting these opportunities.

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