Job of School Lunch Delivery Person in Japan

Kabushiki Geisha Nishikawa Cleaner Nishikawa Cleaner Co., Ltd.

Kabushiki Geisha Nishikawa Cleaner Nishikawa Cleaner Co., Ltd. is looking for a school lunch delivery person in Japan, who is responsible for efficiently delivering nutritious school lunches to various educational institutions, such as elementary and junior high schools. This role involves ensuring the safe transportation of meals, adhering to strict schedules, and maintaining food quality and hygiene standards during delivery. Additionally, the delivery person may interact with school staff and students in a friendly and professional manner. This job plays a crucial role in the school lunch program, contributing to the well-being and nutrition of students across the country. If you are interested, they invite you to apply.

Responsibilities of Job:

  • You will deliver and collect school lunch containers from the Shirane School Lunch Center to elementary and junior high schools.
  • Delivery and collection work will be carried out in a 2-ton container vehicle(driving and assisting the vehicle will take turns)
  • Delivery destinations are: This is an elementary and junior high school in the Shirane area
  • Cleaning the inside of the car after delivery.

Eligibility Criteria of Job:

  • Age and Physical Fitness: Candidates should typically be in good physical health and capable of handling the physical demands of the job, which may involve lifting and carrying food containers.
  • Driver’s License: A valid driver’s license is usually require as the role involves driving a delivery vehicle.
  • Legal Work Status: Candidates must have the legal right to work in Japan, which may include citizenship, permanent residency, or a valid work visa.
  • Education: While formal education requirements may not be strict, a high school diploma or equivalent is often preferre
  • Clean Driving Record: A clean driving record with no major traffic violations is usually a prerequisite.
  • Language Skills: Basic communication skills in Japanese may be necessary to interact with school staff and understand delivery instructions.
  • Dependability: Employers typically seek individuals who are punctual, reliable, and capable of following strict delivery schedules.

Application Method:

If you wish to grow with us, please apply now and become a part of Kabushiki Geisha Nishikawa Cleaner Nishikawa Cleaner Co., Ltd. To apply for job of Job of School Lunch Delivery Person in Japan, please use Apply Now button. It will redirect you to official registration form. Once you are on registration portal, sign in yourself and submit your application by filling all required details. You will also need to upload your updated CV and relevant documents. Finally, follow instructions provided to complete the application process.

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