Cook Commis 1 Job in Taiwan

Amazing Cooking Opportunity in Taiwan! Marriott is hiring a cook commis 1 to join their talented team. If you’re passionate about cooking and ready to take your culinary skills to the next level, this is the job for you. As a Cook Commis 1, selected candidate will assist in food preparation, learn from experienced chefs, and contribute to creating delicious dishes. This is a fantastic chance to grow in the culinary world. Apply now to be part of their kitchen team in Taiwan!

Responsibilities of Cook:

  • Prepare ingredients for cooking, including portioning, chopping, and storing food. Wash and peel fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients.
  • Prepare and cook food according to recipes, quality standards, presentation standards, and food preparation checklist.
  • Prepare cold foods. Operate ovens, stoves, grills, microwaves, and fryers.
  • Test foods to determine if they have been cooked sufficiently.
  • Monitor food quality while preparing food. Set-up and break down workstation. Serve food in proper portions onto proper receptacles.
  • Wash and disinfect kitchen area, tables, tools, knives, and equipment.
  • Check and ensure the correctness of the temperature of appliances and food.
  • Follow all company and safety and security policies and procedures; report maintenance needs, accidents, injuries, and unsafe work conditions to manager; complete safety training and certifications.
  • Ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional; maintain confidentiality of proprietary information; protect company assets. Speak with others using clear and professional language.
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with others; support team to reach common goals; listen and respond appropriately to the concerns of other employees.
  • Ensure adherence to quality expectations and standards. Stand, sit, or walk for an extended period of time or for an entire work shift.

Eligibility Criteria for Cook:

  • Education: While not always mandatory, a formal culinary education from a recognized institute or program can significantly enhance your chances. This could be a diploma in culinary arts, a certificate in specific cuisine, or even a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.
  • Certifications: Having relevant certifications in areas like food safety, hygiene, or specific cooking techniques can also be a valuable asset. Look for certifications recognized by the Taiwanese government or industry associations.
  • Prior experience in professional kitchens is highly desirable, especially for higher-level positions. This could include experience in restaurants, hotels, catering companies, or even institutional kitchens.
  • Apprenticeship programs: If you’re new to the industry, consider enrolling in an apprenticeship program at a reputable restaurant. This allows you to gain hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced chefs.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Culinary skills: Strong cooking skills are essential, including knowledge of different cooking methods, food preparation techniques, and presentation skills.
  • Hygiene and sanitation: Maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment is crucial in any kitchen. Understanding and adhering to food safety regulations is paramount.
  • Physical stamina: Kitchen work can be physically demanding. Be prepared for long hours on your feet, lifting heavy objects, and working in hot and humid conditions.
  • Time management and multitasking: Kitchens are fast-paced environments. You need to be able to manage your time effectively, prioritize tasks, and multitask efficiently.
  • Teamwork and communication: Working collaboratively with other cooks, servers, and kitchen staff is essential for a smooth operation. Strong communication skills are crucial for ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Adaptability and learning agility: The culinary world is constantly evolving, so being adaptable and willing to learn new things is important.

Application Method:

If you wish to grow with us, please apply now and become a part of chef at Adecco. To apply for job of cook in Taiwan, please use Apply Now button. It will redirect you to official registration form. Once you are on registration portal, sign in yourself and submit your application by filling all required details. You will also need to upload your updated CV and relevant documents. Finally, follow instructions provided to complete the application process. Good Luck!

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